Creating a successful community event that goes off without a hitch, hinges on a few key things: clear communication, a good budget and a location or venue that everyone will be able to access. What you really need to assess from the get-go is what you want to achieve from your community event – are you aiming to raise money, do you want to create something lasting within the community or is it merely an event to bring people together for a day of fun? If you’re looking for the ideal venue, our church tents are cost-effective, can cater to large gatherings and are fully mobile – we can bring the location to you!

Here are a few top tips to keep in mind when hosting a successful community event:


  1. Work with a team

Working with a group of reliable people you can trust will make the organisation of your event so much easier! Try not to make the team too big- dealing with too many different personalities can become overwhelming. Ensure that everyone on the team fully understands their role and responsibilities and divide the team into smaller groups with a group leader if needs be.


  1. Establish your budget

It’s important to be 100% honest and clear about what the budget is for the event when working with your team members. Highlight the areas where you are willing to spend money and the areas where money can be cut back. It’s also important to be clear about where income is being generated from for the event – such as entrance fees, food stalls, advertising etc.


  1. Spread the message

If you want people to attend your community event, purchase a ticket or even volunteer to help with the event, they need to know about it! Assess the different areas within your community and how best to reach out to them. Think about platforms that most people have access to – Facebook, a WhatsApp group, your church community or a local news board or newsletter.


   Keep things simple

It’s highly important to think about the potential risks involved when hosting a community event – attracting the attention of potential undesirables, petty thieves or even licencing boards or counsels that may be looking to fine you if your event becomes too big! Keep things simple by advertising your event to local residents on ‘closed groups’ on Facebook, for example. If contributions are needed, rather ask people to donate things rather than ticketing the event – this way you can avoid being penalised if you haven’t applied for a license. Keep your venue local and simple – our large, versatile church tents for hire are always an excellent option!


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