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Once the decision is made to host your event in a tent it can be extremely stressful looking for somewhere to pitch a tent that is suitable for your number of guests. Most tents cannot be pitched anywhere and require soft ground or a large enough space for a tent structure.

Sky Tents has the perfect solution in the form of our versatile, chic and reasonably priced stretch tents. A Stretch Tent sometimes known as a Bedouin Stretch Tent is made of a special freeform fabric that can be pulled and stretched over any space. The structure of the tent is made up with pegs, ropes and poles that are placed and pegged strategically to fit your space. The fabric is then stretched over the poles and pegged in place to create a tent that makes your venue look elegant, laid back and atmospheric. This brings an air of romantic festivity to your event. They are perfect for weddings, parties, corporate functions, fundraisers, exhibitions, private functions at home or any other outdoor event. Imagine your event under a beautiful stretch canopy while your guests walk over lush grass. They can sip cool drinks and snack on canapés on a balmy summer evening while they explore your garden. A perfect event! Add some candles and soft lighting and you are sure to create a wonderful atmosphere. Our Stretch Tents for sale in Durban are affordable and beautiful to look at and can be sent across Africa. They are also extremely versatile and adaptable in most spaces. Sky Tents uses the highest quality stretch tent fabric to manufacture all our tents including our Stretch Tents. This means that your tent can withstand all elements and is the perfect solution to an outdoor event in a difficult to cover spot.

Advantages of Sky Stretch-Tents

      • All Sky Tents stretch tents are UVA and UVB resistant – protecting your guests and the climate inside your tent from the heat of the sun.
      • The tent is 100% waterproof and will protect your guests from the rain.
      • The fabric is fire retardant.
      • Stretch tents are flexible and highly versatile. It is possible to set them up almost anywhere. Your layout and size is also more flexible with stretch tents as you are not hampered by a structured frame.
      • Stretch Tents are easy to assemble and erect. They also fold up easily and are very easy to transport. They are not as bulky as traditional structured tents and therefore it is much more cost effective to transport them.
      • These tents can be attached to existing structures such as a roof, the side of a building or a tree.
      • These tents can be branded with your logo. We also offer customized size and colour options.
      • Sky Tents also offers add-ons that you can purchase for your tent. There are so many things you need to make your event run smoothly and we offer portable freezers, mobile toilets, decorative lighting, portable flooring, tables and chairs, stage solutions and podiums.

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Our stretch tent for sale prices will vary depending on your requirements. We can supply you with all the information you need. Drop us an email with the size of your space and will get back to you as soon as possible.

Sky Tents can custom-design any stretch tent you require. Our workmanship is exemplary and we aim to exceed expectations when it comes to tent manufacturing. All our products come with a comprehensive 24-month guarantee. You can also add optional accessories to your tent. We offer the best finishes on all our tents. Our prices are extremely competitive and the quality of our products speaks for themselves. We manufacture the best Stretch Tents in Durban. Sky Tents is one of the leading manufacturers of stretch tents in South Africa. We use the best quality stretch tent material and offer our Bedouin stretch tents for sale in Durban and across Africa.

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