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Sky Tents manufactures the best quality Army Tents for use in the army and for emergency and disaster relief. Our Army tents are made up of high quality rip-stop canvas which is usually olive green or dark beige in colour. Our tents can be easily transported and set up for quick use which is perfect in any emergency. Army tents can be used as military tents, shelter tents, refugee tents, emergency tents and can also be used for camping tents for groups.

We offer the option of having your tent branded with your logo, for example if you are a disaster relief organisation you can have the name of your organisation across the side of the tent. Our tents are stable in inclement weather conditions and made of 100% waterproof canvas. The fabric is also stretchable and dustproof.

Sky Tents keeps stock of Army tents on hand for a crises or an emergency. They are available for sale at any time. Some of our disaster relief tents such as the pup tents are suitable for use worldwide as they are so compact and lightweight to take on relief missions. Our military tents are also readily available in case of emergency, they are larger and require a little more heavy lifting but they fit much more people in. Our tents meet SABS requirements for military and emergency relief tents. They are designed and manufactured using the highest quality materials and latest technology. We provide the best quality at the most affordable price. Our military tents are amongst the most affordable in the market. Sky Tents is dedicated to customer service and delivering the best products consistently.

Our larger tents are perfect to use as military camping tents. In fact, enquire with us about our military surplus tents for camping. Our larger military surplus tents are perfect for group camping. Army surplus canvas tents can also be used for emergency relief and disaster management. They are most often used as a military crew tent.

Our military pup tents are two-man tents that have two sides that meet at the top. They are light and can also be used for camping. They can be carried by one person and are very easy to assemble and dismantle. We also supply military one-man tents and military pup tents with floors. Our army pup tent dimensions make the tent perfect for 2 adults. These are ideal tents for refugees as they allow some degree of privacy while a larger tent can be used for meals and ablutions. Most of these tents have tent floors but it is better to lay a ground sheet down before erecting any tent regardless of whether it has a floor or not. This protects the bottom of your tent from staying damp and catching mildew and fungus over longer camping trips or military stays. A tarp works very well as a ground sheet.

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Camping in a military surplus tent is actually much more comfortable than a regular tent. A 16×16 army tent can comfortably accommodate 6 men for a longer camping trip. The advantage of most military tents except pup tents is the height. You can stand upright in the larger tents and still have room for other people to stand, for your supplies as well as sleeping. Do not use a stove in an army surplus tent unless it has a stove hole and vent. Make sure your stove is not a gas stove as this can pose a fire risk. It is best to use gas outside in camping tents.

Sky Tents supplies high-quality military camping tents, military pup tents, military surplus tents, military surplus tents for camping and military surplus tents for sale. We are dedicated to giving you the best product and the best service. Our helpful team is available to give you expert advice on the best tent to suit your needs.

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