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Sky Tents are Durban based manufacturers of mobile cold rooms and mobile freezer rooms. Our mobile chillers and freezer rooms are built with the highest quality insulated panels and are built around a steel chassis fitted with a high quality blower and condenser unit.

If you need a refrigerated trailer or mobile freezer for your expanding business or even for personal use you should definitely contact us. These vehicles are extremely popular and handy for all kinds of applications especially for events, catering and the food service industries. Mobile freezers or mobile chillers are an easy and convenient storage and transport solution. Essentially if it is a portable freezer on wheels which is always a good thing! Have peace of mind and store food, beverages, carcasses, ice, ice cream or anything else without any stress. You won’t need to move it from one freezer to the next to transport. This is advantageous for large goods, carcasses and big quantities. Your cold chain will never be compromised from point A to point B. This is especially important in the food service industry as food can spoil so easily costing caterers huge amounts of money unnecessarily. It is even far better for florists as flowers and arrangements will be handled less. Ice cream and ice are also very temperature sensitive and can easily melt slightly while being transferred. This will compromise the quality of the product and lead to customer dissatisfaction. These mobile freezers and chillers are especially handy for wedding planners, outside caterers, hotels and restaurants, butchers, farmers’ markets, festivals and game shoots. A busy florist can definitely use the extra refrigerated space around Valentine’s day and a medical facility will surely need a mobile chiller to transport blood samples and other medical supplies. In traditional ceremonies that are celebrated in some cultures goats and sheep are sometimes sacrificed in large quantities by individuals. There is usually a scramble around this time for available cold room space to store carcasses. Unfortunately, carcasses are often spoilt due to lack of space in cold storage facilities and improper storage. A mobile chiller or mobile freezer is ideal for these religious ceremonies or even for someone looking to gain a little extra business at this time of the year. In fact, they can even be used or hired out over other holidays and busy times when extra freezer or chiller capacity is required. Sometimes, extra fridge and freezer space is needed before the actual wedding as well. The trend to host pre-wedding functions at home or in untraditional venues makes food and beverage storage a challenge. If you are expecting 300 guests in your back yard or at a local botanical garden where will you store all the food and drinks that you will require for the function? This is why mobile chillers and mobile freezers are ideal. Their convenience and portability are unmatched.

Our Mobile Freezers and Mobile Chillers are built on a galvanized steel chassis with a single or double axel. We use the highest quality cooling panels which are designed and installed for durability and cooling efficiency. Our floors are also galvanized and the entire mobile freezer or mobile chiller is designed to keep things as cold as possible. We have adjustable thermostats and every single one of our products undergoes numerous quality control checks before it is sold to the customer. We use the best quality motors, condensers and blowers. Our mobile freezers and mobile chillers are the best value for money in South Africa and the rest of Africa. We can supply mobile freezers and mobile chillers across Africa. Sky Tents offers the option of branding your mobile freezer or mobile chiller with your company logo.

Our Chillers and Freezers are the perfect choice for the following applications:

  • Chiller or Freezer hire business
  • Weddings & Catering
  • Funerals
  • Flowers and florists
  • Food service industry
  • Ice cube storage and transport
  • Ice cream storage and transport
  • Meat / poultry and fish storage and transport
  • On site freezer for traditional ceremonies
  • Fruit and vegetable storage and transport
  • Dairy product transport
  • Medical supplies and Veterinary use

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Sky Tents offer high quality mobile freezers for sale in Durban. We also offer mobile cooler trailers for sale and small refrigerated trailers for sale. Our mobile fridge prices and mobile freezer prices are extremely competitive. We also manufacture refrigerated cargo trailers, pull-behind freezer trailers, mobile freezer trailers, mobile freezer carts and mobile freezer boxes.
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