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When it comes to creating the perfect event your friends, family or colleagues will be talking about for months to come, there are a myriad of considerations. But quite certainly one of the most important has to be location – where to host your perfect event. This is where Sky Tent’s frame tents come in!

Of all our tents on offer, the frame tent is one of the most popular due to the many possibilities and versatility they offer, as well as the fact that they can erected on virtually any surface without causing any damage to it!


So what events are best-suited to frame tents?

  • Weddings
  • Garden parties
  • Indoor events
  • Corporate presentations
  • Concerts
  • Musical performances
  • Dance performances
  • Fashion shows

These versatile tents are brilliant for various types of events as they offer a free-flowing, unobstructed layout – free of centre poles which are normally present with other tent variations. This means you are able to easily set up and manoeuvre your décor and seating as you wish.


Why choose Sky Tent’s frame tents?

  • They are among the most modern and elegant on the market today
  • Our tents are sturdy and can withstand all weather considerations
  • They are highly stable and can cover a large surface area to cater to large events
  • These tents can be constructed anywhere and won’t damage the ground surface
  • You can add large glass panels to your tent, affording your guests panoramic views of your location
  • These tents are ideal for long-term exhibitions and functions
  • They can be erected against a building and even indoors!


All our tents are crafted and manufactured with the highest quality materials on the market today, creating durable, long-lasting tents that offer you full value-for-money. As one of South Africa’s most reputable frame tent manufacturers, we take the utmost pride in all our products and provide a reliable team to help with the set up and dismantling of your event.

If you’re looking to host an event to remember, Sky Tents has you covered, offering frame tents for sale or for hire throughout KwaZulu-Natal. Contact us for your next quote and let’s get planning!



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