The beginning of the year can be a drag. After all the fun during the holiday season, it can be miserable to get back to work and routine. Lucky, the Easter holidays are just around the corner. It is the perfect time for weddings, corporate functions, street parties, beach parties or any outdoor event. If the weather is still warm enough, consider the beach or a local park for your event. Planning a party or event can be overwhelming, especially if you don’t know where to start. Professional event venues usually do the planning for you. Unfortunately, if you’re having an outdoor event you may have to do all the planning all by yourself. It can be quite overwhelming but with the correct planning, your event will run smoothly. There are a few essentials that you will need to consider before you even start inviting your guests.

The first thing you need to consider are the basics. For an outdoor event to run smoothly, you must have some shelter, toilets and seating. A shelter is essential in case of extreme heat or bad weather. The best options for outdoor parties are tents. There are so many options to choose from. A Bedouin tent would be ideal for a beach party. These are stretch tents and are easy to pitch on the sand or in difficult to cover areas. Large exhibition tents would work well for big weddings or parties. Traditional Peg and Pole Tents can work for small and large events. They can be easily pitched on a large sports ground or at a park. Many tent manufacturers offer aluminium tents for sale that would work well for parties, weddings and corporate functions. Once you have decided the number of guests at your event you must find a tent that is the correct size. Your tent manufacturer will be able to advise you on a tent that will best serve your needs. It is important that you get a tent that is spacious enough for the number of guests you will invite. A tent that will be used for formal seating will need to be bigger than a tent for a cocktail party. The comfort of your guests is also essential and you can easily hire mobile or portable toilets from your tent supplier as well. You will definitely need mobile toilets, especially at a large event. Most guests will need to use the restroom at some point during the function. If you are having a very big party or wedding you will need quite a few portable toilets. Try and position your toilets at a discreet distance from your main tent, preferably somewhere at the back. This is to avoid unpleasant smells, sounds as well as to protect the privacy of your guests. Don’t forget to make signs to indicate where your restrooms are.

Proper seating is also important for large functions. Having formal seating where your guests can be seated at tables and chairs will help them feel more comfortable. Most tent manufacturers also supply foldable tables, plastic chairs, Tiffany chairs and Wimbledon chairs for events. It helps to get everything you need from one supplier. It means everything will be delivered at the same time and you only have to deal with one vendor. Vendors sometimes offer package deals that include all the essentials for an outdoor event. They will also help to set up the tent and tables you have hired from them. This is always a big advantage as it takes one thing off your to-do list.

For outdoor weddings, many people like to use draping material to drape their tent and make it look more attractive. Draping material is easily available for hire from tent manufacturers and suppliers. It is important to check if they have someone available to drape for you as it is not an easy task to do it yourself. Someone who is not experienced can make your tent look terrible instead of elegant.

Outdoor Party EventIf you’re having an event at a park or beach, you will not have access to a kitchen for food preparation and storage. Serving cold food and warm drinks is not an attractive option and can ruin your party. Hiring a mobile chiller will help to keep things cool and ensure your guests get ice cold drinks in the heat. Hiring gas stoves to heat up your food before serving is also a good idea. There are also mobile kitchens which are available for hire from some event suppliers which will make serving meals much easier.

You will also need to arrange for electricity for your lights and sound. It is best to contact an electrician ahead of your party, wedding or event to make sure they will be available to connect you to power for the duration of your function. Test your electricity the day before and make sure your lights and anything else that needs power are functioning correctly. Ensure that you have any electricity permits taken care off before the day of your event.

It is helpful to have a few smaller tents for your guests to relax and lounge in if you’re having a very large event. It has become trendy to hire or purchase lounge and cafe furniture for events. Guests can relax, have a drink and chat with others away from the main function.

When looking at entertainment for your event, ask your tent manufacturer to show you what options they have available for stages and decor. Many suppliers will be able to construct a proper stage anywhere. If you have live entertainment planned for your wedding or event it is important to have a properly constructed stage. They may even be able to recommend some good options for entertainment!

You do not need to compromise on a dance floor at your wedding or party just because it is outdoors. Tent manufacturers now offer attractive mobile flooring that can be set up on grass and other outdoor areas.

If the weather is still very hot consider hiring portable air conditioners to keep your guests cool. Exploring the grounds around your marquee or exhibition tents can leave your guests hot and bothered and the coolness of an air-conditioned tent will be most welcome.

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