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Undoubtedly one of the most stressful aspects of organising a large event is choosing where to host it – venue hire can be extremely costly and very often the most affordable venues are booked out months in advance! The ideal solution? Bring the event to you in the form of one of our versatile, chic and highly affordable stretch tents!

If you’re looking for a venue that is both elegant and laid-back, our stretch tents offer the ideal solution. They provide the perfect atmosphere for weddings, parties, corporate functions, fundraisers, exhibitions and even outdoor concerts.

What sets Sky Tent’s stretch tents apart from the rest?

Our tents are manufactured from the highest quality materials, ensuring your tent can withstand all elements – sunshine, rain, hail and gale force winds, you will be covered! Additionally…

  • Our tents are UV and resistant – protecting you from both harsh sunshine or rain
  • Our tents are flexible and highly versatile – they can be setup and stretched in a variety of ways to suit your layout and size of your party
  • They are easy to assemble and erect and come with a reliable team to assist from start to finish
  • These tents can be attached to existing structures such as another building, tree or wall
  • These tents fold up easily and are very easy to transport


Our stretch tents also come with an assortment of add-ons to complete your event and tie everything together. We offer portable freezers and toilets, décor items such as specialised lighting and flooring, tables and chairs, not-to-mention staged and podiums for corporate events.


Host a stunning outdoor function that will go down as one to remember with our versatile, durable and cost-effective stretch tent hire. Sky Tents is a top quality stretch tent manufacturer and offers stretch tents for sale or for hire- get in touch to secure your ideal venue today!





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