At Sky Tents, we are expert manufacturers of an assortment of highly in-demand tent types, including peg and pole tents, frame tents, alpine tents, military tents, canvas tents, pagoda tents, stretch tents and, a crowd favourite, the wedding tent. Our wedding tents for sale are undoubtedly one of our top-selling products, while our event add-ons seal the deal when it comes to the hiring or purchasing of any one of our tents. At Sky Tents we don’t just offer tents – we offer a full-scale service package which includes the delivery and set-up of your tent, as well as event add-ons which include portable freezers and chillers, portable toilets, tent flooring and stage set-up, professional draping and lighting, chairs and tables and more.

Purchasing your ideal wedding tent

Our wedding tents for sale are manufactured with the best quality products on the market today, producing an exquisite product that is durable, robust and long-lasting. We take pride in all our tent products that we manufacture and have come to develop a trusted reputation throughout South Africa and the rest of the continent. At present, Sky Tents manufactures and delivers tents throughout the country as well as across the border to regions such as Namibia, Botswana, Nigeria, Algeria, Swaziland, Uganda, Lesotho, the Seychelles, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Maputo. Our substantial client base has grown in leaps and bounds over the years as has come to associate Sky Tents with affordable prices, yet high-quality goods.

The popular stretch tent

One of our most popular wedding tent types at present has to be ourstretch tents for sale, also known as a freeform tent. This Bedouin style tent has become extremely popular for the hosting of spring and summer outdoor weddings, providing a relaxed yet perfectly elegant atmosphere. Our stretch tent material is light-weight yet sturdy, allowing for the perfect amount of coverage and shelter for an outdoor wedding. One of the main reasons our stretch tents for sale are so popular is due to their unbelievable versatility – where you are able to stretch and form them into any shape you wish, while still offering the perfect amount of shelter for your special day. Host an intimate wedding or up to 200 people with our highly affordable, dynamic stretch tent rental or stretch tents for sale.

white stretch tent wedding
Stretch tents to suit your budget

Hosting a modern wedding with the décor and styling to match is achievable, but you will need the right professionals by your side – and this is where our stretch tent rental comes in! We are proud to offer an elegant and practical solution to finding the ideal venue for your modern wedding, with some of the best stretch tent prices available to perfectly suit your budget. Additionally, we also offer second-hand Bedouin tents for sale if you want to avoid buying first-hand. Our world-class wedding tents are some of the most on-trend on the market today and make for an outstanding venue in which to host your dream wedding.

The benefits of our stretch tent rental

• Our stretch tents are elegant yet robust- ensuring you and your party are fully covered, no matter the weather
• You are able to transform a large amount of space into your ideal wedding set-up, allowing for larger wedding parties
• Our tents can also be perfectly styled and sized to cater to smaller, intimate weddings
• Sky Tents is highly affordable, offering some of the best stretch tent prices in the country
• Our tents are simple to construct – no mess, no fuss!

Practical tips for hosting the ideal outdoor wedding

When choosing your tent, you will then need to decide how you want to decorate it. Our stretch tent material is so versatile that you are able to host your wedding reception exactly as you please – the tent can be stretched into a number of different forms to accommodate your layout, décor ideas and up to 200 guests at a time. Once the tent is set up, the possibilities for different adornments are boundless. You could drape fabric, hang lights, include plants or blossoms and so forth. The services and the wide variety of choices that we offer are endless!

With the summer wedding season just around the corner, we thought it would be helpful to share some tips on hosting a successful outdoor soiree! Outdoor weddings are a lovely way to entertain and celebrate with guests, but they also pose potential challenges. That being said; strategic planning is important. Here are a few key things to consider before your stretch tent rental:

1. Don’t forget about the wedding staff

It’s important to keep in mind where the catering staff and waitrons will change and what restrooms they will use. If you are hosting a wedding of 200 guests, you could potentially have up to 30 additional staff who are working at the event. One easy solution is to rent some coat racks and portable lockers for the catering tent so that staff can hang or store their things away. Sky Tents offers portable toilets and additional tents to accommodate for this!

2. Keep your florals shaded

Your pretty floral arrangements shouldn’t sit in direct sunlight for more than an hour before guests arrive. A practical solution is to leave your wedding florals under the shaded stretch tent fabric and any other outdoor arrangements tucked inside the tent until 30 – 60 minutes before guests arrive

3. Supply adequate lighting for your guests throughout the evening

Eliminate tripping hazards as the afternoon light fades into the evening with standing lanterns or lighting wrapped around tent wires and poles to illuminate the outside of your stretch tent. If you plan on making an exit dash through sparklers, you may also want to use lanterns not only indicate to your guests where to stand but also to light their way to the exit after the festivities are over!

4. Keep your seating cards weighted down

If you plan on using seating cards for your tables, prevent them from flying away if the wind picks up! Use ribbon, rocks, or even tie them onto your table decor – there are lots of pretty ways to use display card and keep them in place. The beauty of a freeform tent is the open, free-flowing space, but make sure to accommodate for your décor!

5. Find the shade in summer

Even though our stretch tent material is robust and will provide adequate shelter from the elements, it’s still recommended that you try to position your ceremony and reception in a shaded area.

6. Supply refreshments

For a lovely and thoughtful gesture, have water or a refreshing non-alcoholic beverage available for your guests. Offer them pre-ceremony and post-ceremony if possible so that they can stay hydrated in the heat, and keep beverages shaded underneath your stretch tent rental.

7. Prepare the area adequately

Depending on the region you plan to host your wedding, in some areas it may be essential that you have a professional company come in and spray to keep the bugs at bay. Just be sure to do so well in advance of any tableware being set-up!

We understand the pressure faced when trying to plan your ‘big day’, with one of the most stressful and costly aspects of wedding planning being location and venue hire. Avoid the stress and the exorbitant costs by purchasing one of our wedding tents for sale and keep in-line with your budget! We offer stretch tents for sale in Durban, Pretoria, Soweto, and throughout Gauteng, as well as stretch tent rental throughout South Africa. Get in touch with Sky Tents secure your ideal wedding venue today!



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