You may be asking yourself “what tent am I going to use for my next event?” Well, Sky Tents can help you there. We offer frame tents that can be erected on any surface. More importantly, frame tents won’t damage the ground beneath the tent.

What are the ideal events for frame tents?

  • Modelling shows
  • Presentations
  • Music concerts
  • Dance performances
  • Weddings
  • Garden parties
  • Indoor events
Frame tents for sale.

Frame tents for sale.

Benefits of frame tents

Frame tents offer you a world of possibility when it comes to planning an event. There is a lot of space beneath the tent and no centre poles mean you have no obstructions and can easily maneuver décor, tables, and chairs to suit your floor plan. These tents are attractive and suit both small and large events.

  • If you are putting a large object or structure underneath the tent, then this tent is perfect.
  • For wedding ceremonies, you won’t have to worry about poles being in the way of guests.
  • Frame tents are great for long-term exhibitions and functions.
  • It is possible to erect a frame tent up against a building.
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors.
White Frame tent

Frame tents are aesthetically pleasing and create a feeling of intimacy if used for small function.

Are you a school or large group? We have frame tents for sale that will suit your needs. Scout groups and schools favour this tent above other tents because of the no centre pole concept and the fact that they can be erected on decks, asphalt or hard surfaces.

frame tent uses and ideas

Large groups, frame tents are great for outdoor excursions and events.

The next time you plan an event, use a frame tent. With maximum use of space under the tent, you can do just about anything for your occasion. Call Sky Tents now for all your frame tent requirement. You will find a tent that’s suitable for you.

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