Canvas Tents For Sale

Canvas Tents have been used for decades around the world as disaster relief shelter and emergency shelter for refugees. These tents are manufactured from durable fabric. In the harsh warm sun, heat is not easily transferred within a canvas tent, this allows the tent to keep cool in hot summer months. This means you’ll be comfortable and be able to escape the heat of the day. Canvas tents are even used for school groups, scout groups, and church camps.

Ideal for peacekeeping missions, army deployment, and group accommodation, canvas tents are not easily weathered and is made from thick fabric to guarantee durability.


Benefits of canvas tents

  • Heavier than other tents, canvas tents are ideal for long camping trips.
  • Canvas tents have strong walls, making it easier to move around inside the tent.
  • Canvas tents withstand cold winter weather.
  • These tents last decades and won’t need to be replaced often.
  • Canvas tents ‘breathe’ better than other fabric tents and can be used all year round.

Sky Tents has canvas tents for sale that will impress the avid camper and relief organisations. Only top quality, high-grade material is used to manufacture all our tents. Don’t use tents that are inferior quality, use a canvas tent from Sky Tents.


As canvas tent manufacturers, Sky Tents prides itself on producing comfortable canvas tents that are water resistant. Don’t worry, you won’t have to sleep in your vehicle during a storm while out in the bush, you will be perfectly dry in your tent.

Sky Tents has canvas tents for sale that can be attached to a caravan or camper vehicle. This adds to space for family and acts as an extension. In rainy weather, you can still enjoy the scenery, while it’s raining.


Purchase a canvas tent from Sky Tents today. Give us a call now and start enjoying camping pleasure. Relief organisations, we are at your service for all your disaster management tent requirements.



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