An outdoor wedding can be an unforgettable experience, provided that your planning is done correctly. Unfortunately, most weddings are planned months or even years in advance, which mean that it is difficult to predict how the specific day will play out, especially the weather. You can set the schedule of events, arrange all of the relevant services, as well as determine the amount of guests that will be in attendance.

As mentioned before the one thing you cannot do is predict the weather, as this is something that can only be determined much closer to the actual date. Your wedding tent will play a vital role in ensuring that the event is not spoiled, and this is why we decided to share two important tips when shopping around for wedding tents for sale.

Get the right layout and design:

Due to the fact that the weather is such an unpredictable element, it is essential that you choose something that can cater for anything, as well as a tent that is flexible. You never want to remove the sides of the tent, but it is good to choose something that allows you to roll them up. This means that you can open it up when required so that the tent can breathe, while you can quickly close things up if the wind or weather turns sour. You also want to be sure that you plan for all other accessories to be ready if required, such as covered walkways, so that you can easily get through the ceremony without guests or the wedding couple getting drenched. It is important to consider your layout too to cater for wind or rain.

Make sure that you have enough room:

The size of your tent will be crucial as it will set the tone for the entire event. You should definitely take on expert advice when it comes to size, as you need to consider more than just the number of guests. Whether you are only having dinner or lunch in the tent, or will be housing a bar and dance floor too, this all needs to come into consideration. You want to ensure that the tent has enough room to cater for everyone, without taking away the intimate and social atmosphere.

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