Planning the perfect holiday party: Here are three awesome options

  1. Pool or Beach Party

With the April holiday season around the corner, the mood is getting festive. Everyone is looking forward to fun in the sun and some rest and relaxation. With summer just over April is still warm enough in Durban to have a pool party that can stretch languorously into the evening. Here’s an essential list to help you plan the perfect Tropical pool party so you can stretch that lovely summer vibe further.

Save the date

April is a busy social month for most people, so send out your save the date invitations now. Consider a Tropically themed invite that asks guests to arrive in their beachwear and flipflops. Now for the nitty-gritty, start planning. Once you have settled on a date and guest list, settle on your menu and contact your caterer. A buffet with finger food and lots of cool salads, fruit and fresh fruit juices are perfect for a Tropically themed function. Try to keep your food out of the sun as you will need to keep food out for people to enjoy at will. Use buffet servers that you top up rather than leaving all your food out for the entire day. This will save your food from spoiling in hot weather and ensure that guests are regularly enjoying fresh food. A small 3 pole tent or a peg and pole tent set up next to your pool area is usually a good solution for an all-day buffet. It also helps to have an area for guests to lounge around in when they are not swimming. You can hire tables and chairs or throw some picnic mats onto the floor for guests to sit. There are many companies that hire out tents and chairs in Durban. Use ice buffets for fruit and ice buckets to keep drinks cool. Don’t forget to have plenty of snacks like potato chips, nuts, dried fruit and sweets available for those who do not feel like snacking. Have lots of water on hand as guests will definitely be thirsty and most people prefer water when in the sun. Having two small tents for people to change out of swimwear can also be helpful, a 2 pole tent or camping tent is ideal for this.


Your guests will be there all day and if there is a swimming pool or a beach you will not need to plan too much entertainment. Plan some group pool games like pool basketball or pool volleyball at regular intervals in the day to keep things exciting. If you have children who are guests it helps to get a few responsible adults to take shifts during the day to watch them around the pool. I once witnessed a child almost drown in a pool full of people. Everyone was so busy playing they did not notice the child had flipped over with her inflatable tube.

For the evening, consider putting up some camping tents in your garden or on the beach, starting a bonfire and making smores. The atmosphere alone will entertain people as they chat and relax. You can find many reasonable camping tents for sale in Durban.

  1. Easter High Tea and Chocolate Hunt in the Garden

If you prefer something a little fancier consider a sit-down function in the garden. Send out your invites as soon as possible inviting people on an adventure hunt for chocolate and a delightful high tea after Easter is the perfect time for a chocolate hunt in the garden. Hide some chocolate in shady spots around your garden to entertain your big and little guests when they arrive. You can make a treasure map with clues leading to your chocolate. Don’t forget to hide an extra special surprise for the person or group that gets through all the clues the fastest. It is important to state rules on your treasure map, for example, that guests respect other guests by not grabbing all the chocolate in a spot etc. People may not realize that a basket full of chocolate is intended for everyone rather than the first person who found it. You can give each guest a little gift bag or basket to collect their chocolate and treats in. After the excitement of the treasure hunt, your guests will need something cool to drink. Serve ice cold fruit juices to your guests before they adjourn to your high tea.

Easter Bunny and Eggs

It is best to hire a tent for a garden event with formal seating. Most tent manufacturers will hire out tents, chairs and tables for your event as a package deal. A structured aluminium tent is ideal for a larger function, while a peg and pole tent will work best for a smaller function.

Set up your high tea where it is accessible to all your guests. Consider running a full-length banquet table through the middle of your tent. You can separate the banquet table into 4 sections and alternate sweet and savoury treats so your guests have access from all sides to the high tea. A banquet table laid out with quiches, canapés, mini desserts, cakes and pastries looks really stunning and inviting. Don’t forget the mini hot cross buns! Arrange with your caterer for crockery and drinks!

  1. Farmers Market experience

If you have a huge budget and lots of guests consider this awesome event trend. Durban has so many wonderful artisanal food artists that make amazing food and are willing to pop up and do live stations at events. Find a few 2 pole or 3 pole tents for hire and throw in some outdoor lounges for people to relax. Choose vendors that provide delicious sweet and savoury options for your guests to enjoy. Three or more savoury options are ideal, for example, you can hire a pop-up burger bar, chips station and samoosa bar to feed your guests. For dessert consider some of our many local ice cream vendors or waffles. There are also many mobile coffee and drinks bars that cater to small and large events in the Durban area.

Set up some lawn games to entertain guests. Volleyball, soccer and cricket are always popular if your space allows for it. If you do not have anything to entertain the kids try hiring a jumping castle and arrange for some pony rides for an authentic Farmers Market experience. Have crates of seasonal fruit and vegetables placed around your venue strategically and invite your guests to take home whatever they want in reusable shopping bags as a party favour.

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