When it comes to creating the perfect event your friends, family or colleagues will be talking about for months to come, there are a myriad of considerations. But quite certainly one of the most important has to be location – where to host your perfect party. Is your event going to be a formal or casual one, how many guests will you be hosting and will you have a theme? These are just some of the questions to be asking yourself before hiring your venue. Our aluminium tents are ideal for both formal and causal occasions and can, quite literally, be set up right on your doorstep – bringing your ideal venue directly to you

aluminium tent manufacturers

Sky Tents are one of SA’s top aluminium tent manufacturers and pride ourselves on our stunning tent set-ups.

Important party venue considerations

While location is an important factor when planning your perfect event, there are a number of other important things to keep in mind to ensure your party goes off without a hitch. Some of these factors include:

  1. Cost: what is your budget and how much are you willing to spend on venue hire, food, beverages and décor?
  2. Services and amenities of your venue: will your venue be provided as merely an empty shell or will you receive tables, chairs, mock flooring, décor such as draping or lighting, stage set-up etc.
  3. Lay-out of your venue: is your venue a large empty hall with free-flowing space or does it have awkward corners which need to filled with additional décor?
  4. Parking and accessibility: will your location supply enough space for all your guests, will you need to hire extra security or are there accessible parking lots nearby which can be used?
  5. Ambience: creating the perfect party atmosphere is no easy feat. Things to think about when creating the ideal ambiance include the lighting, sound acoustics of your venue, draping, screens, a stage set-up for entertainment and a dance floor.

What do you get with aluminium tent hire?

Our aluminium tents are some of the most modern and elegant on the market today, while also being sturdy and able to withstand all weather conditions. They are also set-up free of restrictive centre poles, allowing your party lay-out to flow with ease. These tents are also highly stable and can cover a large surface area to cater to large weddings or corporate events. Finally, you can also add large glass panels to your tent, affording your guests panoramic views of your location

Looking to host the ultimate event? Everyone knows location is everything! Get in touch with Sky Tents and hire or purchase one of our aluminium tents for sale, and host the party of the year…


aluminium tent manufacturers

Our aluminium tents are for sale at some of the most competitive prices on the market


aluminium tent manufacturer

Create a show-stopping outdoor event with SA’s top aluminium tents manufacturer, Sky Tents





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