Calling all clients! Do you need a reliable, durable tent that won’t let you down? Then you need a tent from Sky Tents. We are tent manufacturers who know about event planning and understand that a pitch perfect tent is the only way to having an unforgettable and successful function. We have a range of exquisite tents that will capture your imagination with all your event ideas. Once you purchase a tent from us, there’s no looking back, but looking forward to great memories, business growth and adventure.

Stretch tents

These flexible tents are ideal for weddings and outdoor functions. Give your event a feeling of exotic or elegance with the use of a stretch tent.

  • Stretch tents can withstand weather elements.
  • Waterproof and UV resistant.
  • Erect the tent as freestanding or use it as an extension to an existing venue.

Military tents 

Sky Tents are tent suppliers to the military. We pride ourselves on giving clients quality and tents that are suitable for the purpose they are manufactured. Military tents can be used for scout group event and emergency shelter and relief work.

Pagoda tents

Give your event some class with a pagoda tent. These tents provide an attractive venue for any outdoor event. Pagoda tents can be used for weddings, parties, shows, corporate events and even storage. Erect this tent on a field or paved surface with ease.

Peg and pole tents

Planning the event of the year? Sky tents are tent suppliers of strong and reliable peg and pole tents. These tents are great for large functions.

Peg and pole tents uses:

  • Modelling shows
  • Music concerts
  • Conferences
  • Weddings
  • Corporate events

Sky Tents strives to position itself as a leader in tent manufacturing in South Africa. We will do this by offering clients quality products every time. For all your tent requirements, give Sky Tents a call now.


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tent manufacturers


tent manufacturers

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