Tents are ideal for outdoor events. Think relaxed, warm and inviting, full of fun and unlimited space. Well then, Sky Tents is the place to be for a superior quality tent. We have peg and pole tents for sale that will fulfill your requirements and impress your guests. These fantastic-looking tents have every bit of functionality you will need to host the perfect event.

Sky Tents can custom make any tent for you. Only high-quality materials are used to design and build you your dream tent. Our team strives for quality every time we design a tent.

Why use peg and pole tents?

You can have a function without worrying about space when you use peg and pole tents. Seat the number of guests you require without a hassle. Another advantage of this tent is you can use the décor you wish and not have to cater to a set venue with limited space and seating.


As reputable peg and pole tent manufacturers, we pride ourselves on offering clients reasonable rates. We are competitively priced and want you to return for business and recommend us for our prices. Every product we produce is environmentally friendly. All our fabrics are dyed using natural agents.

Uses of peg and pole tents:

  • Weddings
  • Music festivals
  • Modelling shows
  • Concerts
  • Parties

Besides peg and pole tents, we are tent manufactures of alpine tents, stretch tents, aluminium tents and military tents.

Sky Tents supplies to South Africa and Southern Africa. Need some tips on function planning or which tent best suits your event? Then check out our blog at www.skytentsa.co.za. Give Sky Tents a call now for all your tent requirements. Our unique and top quality range will exceed your expectations in every way. If you’re experiencing problems with your current tent supplier, then give us a call too, we’ll gladly assist you.

peg and pole tents



peg and pole tents


peg and pole tents






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