The world of today is no stranger to natural disasters and a mounting refugee and homelessness crisis. Emergency shelters and their many different forms have come to save the day for many of those stranded by natural disaster or refugee status. At the most basic level, emergency shelters should provide a relatively robust and sturdy covering, being able to protect the homeless from the elements and provide them with some sense of dignity after the losses they may have already suffered. Sky Tent’s military tents are the ideal shelter for all crises. They are highly reliable in all disaster relief situations and are suitable for any climate, being waterproof, dustproof and stretchable.

What do you do when your home and all your belongings have been destroyed by a hurricane, flash flood or landslide? Emergency shelters such as military tents have been on-hand to provide much-needed relief from those being further exposed to the harsh surrounding elements and are a key component to the recovery process.

Here are several other innovative shelters that are now being used or are in development for much-needed disaster relief across the globe:


  • The Portable Bubble House

This shelter is a two cubic metre shelter composed of a lightweight plastic skin which hangs on a drop-down aluminium frame. The walls have an insulating chamber that can be filled with anything from water to air to grass to clothing. The chamber can serve as storage as well as insulation from the elements. The house includes a water hook-up, a small kitchen, laundry and lighting.


  • The Accordion Recover Shelter

This amazing shelter can sustain a family of four following a disaster for up to a month. The origami-like structure can be entirely collapsed into two shapes —horseshoe or flat—depending on which is easier to transport. It takes only a few minutes to set up and it can be done by one person. The ridges in the structure can be used to collect drinking water. Whatever materials that are on hand, or even ground cover can be used to insulate the structure in harsh weather.


  • The Yurt

Typically seen in Mongolia as a form of mobile housing that is easy to pack up and transport, the Yurt is fast becoming an option for temporary housing or emergency shelter. They are light and efficient and a viable alternative to traditional construction, while providing adequate shelter from the elements. The modern-day, emergency shelter version that has been developed is known as the Yurta, developed by Marcin Padlewski and Anissa Szeto.


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