Planning and co-ordinating the perfect event is no easy feat. There are literally hundreds of variables to consider, from the location of your event, to your budget, to the number of attendees, right down to the finest of details such as the colour of your napkins! But, without a doubt, one of the most important considerations would have to location. As the saying goes, ‘location is everything’ – and with our amazingly versatile pagoda tents, the stress of finding the perfect location for your event could be easier than you think…

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Our uniquely designed pagoda tents are for hire or for sale to host your perfect event

Co-ordinate the perfect event

There’s good reason why it’s not always 100% feasible to hire an event planner – they don’t always come cheap and sometimes it’s just more cost-effective for you to organise the event yourself! With this in mind, here are a few top tips on co-ordinating a drama-free event:

    1. What is the point of your event? You first need to figure out your event’s objective and how to best go about achieving that. Is it a fundraiser, sporting event, farewell party or PR event? Your venue hire, theme, décor and attendees will all hinge on what your event’s objective is.


    1. Event planning – you will need to draw up a detailed budget and timeline on when everything needs to be ordered, delivered and set-up for the big day


    1. Venue hire – undoubtedly the biggest chunk of your budget will go to your venue hire, so it’s important to consider the location, size, flow of space and practicality of your venue for your specific event


    1. Catering – another large portion of your budget will always go to catering and drinks. Ensure you plan well for this in your budget and feed the masses! Hungry guest will be unhappy guests…


    1. Logistics – ensure you figure out the timings of when each supplier must deliver / arrive at your event set-up. Ensuring your suppliers deliver on time is of utmost importance!


    1. PR and marketing – don’t underestimate the importance of the lead times required in promoting your event well before it even takes place. How can you host an amazing event if no pitches up?

As one of South Africa’s top pagoda tent manufacturers, we can highly recommend their use for your next outdoor event. Rather than spending thousands on the hiring of a venue, only to find it may not be available for your specific date, hire one of our pagoda tents for a cost-effective and guaranteed alternative.
Co-ordinating your perfect event begins with securing the ideal location, and with our tents, we can bring your perfect location to you.


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