Summer is the time where we all have the greatest outdoor parties in our lives. The outdoors calls to us and it brings loved ones together for a time of fun and relaxation.  Themes are very important element of deciding on what kind of event to have.  Some people enjoy having casual picnics and some purchase tents for much more formal and important events such as milestone birthday celebrations. A tent conveys everybody nearer to each other, it carries a feeling of wholesomeness and with the right stylistic theme and providing food, your gathering will be the discussed for years to come.

Outdoor Parties


Here are 7 popular party items for your outdoor party:

1. Thick comfortable cushions 

You want your guests to enjoy your party and be comfortable as well; therefore it is always best to put cushions on the chairs. A comfortable seat will mean that the guest will want to stay at their table and enjoy the company there. Tip: If possible, try to tie the cushion to the chair so that guests do not have to constantly pick their cushions up from the floor when standing up.

2. Lights

When the sun sets, the most popular trend would be to have twinkle lights better known as fairy lights, lanterns or even battery operated candles which create a cosier atmosphere for the guests.

3. Draping Decor

A very popular way to decorate the tent is usually draping. Draping can vary from styles and themes, they can hang more tightly than usual or it can be a lazy drape. This makes the tent feel more wholesome and cosy.

4. Flowers

Flowers are also essential for any themed outdoor party. Outdoor parties are meant to have a sense of nature; therefore the flowers help to bring out the nature part of the outdoors into the tent. Whether it is centerpieces or entrance-pieces the venue will most definitely have a more lively and colourful feel to it.

5. Wooden Furniture

Over the years wooden furniture has become more popular in the decor industry. It provides a very natural feeling and it is also becoming a trend of elegance, because it makes the venue look smart.

6. Fancy Decorated Glasses

Whether you are serving juice or alcohol, your drink always looks much better if it is in a fancy decorated glass. During winter, edible decorated mugs will be more appropriate. The representation of the drink and how it tastes is what will always keep your guests mingling at the drinks bar.

7. Chalkboard Menus

This all depends on your event and what the theme is, but a popular trend is to have a chalkboard for the menu of the food. If you are having a three course meal then you will list the options of all the starters, main course and lastly, the desserts. This will allow guests to know exactly what to expect when having their meal. Remember that guests will always remember the food served, so make sure your caterers are the best.


These 7 popular items and our tents will leave your guests satisfied, and talking about your amazing event for years to come. Our tents cater for any event, and we offer an extensive range. For a great outdoor party contact us, and we will gladly assist you.

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