Having an outdoor event or wedding? Confused by all the tents for Sale? Not sure what you need to hire to have a successful event? Here’s your best guide:

Planning a wedding can be stressful for your clients and for you, especially when the event is outdoors. Outdoor functions are lovely but weather can be unpredictable. The best way to weatherproof an event is by choosing the correct tent structure for your clients’ needs.

Sky Tents offers a wide range of tents that will accommodate most wedding themes and décor. We can customize the size of your tent to accommodate your function. We use the best quality canvas and stretch materials for our tents.


Are you planning a rustic wedding at a farm or local park? Look at a peg and pole tent, which can work for almost any type of function. If you’re concerned by the presence of poles in your event, we have lovely pole skirts available to dress up your tent.

A formal wedding does not necessarily need to be in a stuffy ballroom. Structured aluminium frame tents can still add a sense of formality. The frame size can be customized to suit your requirements and our tents are completely waterproof.

Fancy a beautiful serene wedding at the beach? Bedouin tents and stretch tents are exactly what you need for an event at a beach. In fact, they are perfect for any terrain, structure or environment. These tents are so versatile as they can be stretched over almost any space, like decks or attached to buildings. It is the perfect solution for areas that are problematic to shelter. Our stretch tents are made of the highest quality stretch tent materials and are waterproof.

Remember the feeling of walking excitedly towards the circus and seeing the high peaks of a marquee in the middle of a big grassy field? These marquees are perfect for large functions and look just as impressive. Our Alpine tents are made of high-quality aluminium or steel frames and PVC.

Pagoda Tents are beautiful additions to your event and can be utilized to welcome your guests with drinks or even linked up to form a freeform tent of your choice, for example, an L shape or a U shape. These are square, structured tents which are usually quite small and have no centre poles. This makes them easy to link up in an attractive way.

We also manufacture military or canvas tents which can be used by the army, for emergency services, for camping and even as refugee tents. They are made from the highest quality of waterproof canvas.

Once you’ve found the type of tent for your needs it is important to determine the size of your tent. The most important factor to consider is whether the tent is big enough to fit everyone in? This is known as tent capacity. It can be confusing choosing a tent for a specific number of people so here is a comprehensive guideline of tent sizes and their capacities. Please note these are an approximation and these measurements can be customized to suit your needs.


Number of people in tent for a cocktail eventNumber of people in tent for a sit down eventTent measurementsTent Square meter
30Not suitable6mx9m54 sqm


Sky Tents manufactures and supplies various tents that are 100% waterproof and UV resistant. They can be produced in the sizes listed above or customized according to your requirements. You are not limited to a specific shape for your customized tent. We can manufacture any different shape tent that is reasonable to produce, for example, a U shape tent or an L shape tent. We offer the best value for money by giving you the best price and quality for size and capacity. In addition to this, our tents are easy to set up and transport. We offer a reliable service to assist with the set up of our tents from start to finish. This ensures a simple and stress-free set up for your event.

Now that the tent is taken care of there are so many other things you need to ensure your function runs smoothly. Many people do not consider some of the essential elements that are required for an outdoor event. Here is a comprehensive list of extra services we offer to make your event as stress-free as possible.

Portable toilets

This is essential for your guest’s comfort. If your venue does not have guest bathrooms consider hiring some of our mobile toilets. They are smart and clean and a big step up from a mobile-loo. Consider this the sports car of mobile loos.

Mobile Chillers

Having lukewarm drinks and salads at a hot outdoor event is disappointing for your guests at best. Part of the pleasure of an outdoor event is sipping an ice cold drink in the warm sunshine. Ensure your cold chain is not interrupted with our cost-effective mobile freezers.

Mobile Kitchens

This is essential to serving a wonderful menu and we offer a full mobile kitchen for hire.


Your wedding or event can go from simple elegance to luxe with the addition of a floor. We offer portable modular flooring that can be used in the entire tent or as a dance floor.


Whether you need a stage for your wedding or conference, we offer a full-service stage set up.


Dress up your tent with beautiful draping material that adds an elegant flair to any event.


Ensuring your event is sufficiently and safely lit up can be a bother. We offer this option to our customers as well.

Chairs and Tables

We offer the hiring of tables and chairs for your event, with a variety of chair covers and tabletop covers that are bound to suit your theme.

Sky Tents is your one-stop shop to hire the essential elements you need to get your event going. Contact us for a quotation on the size of tent that you have chosen. Don’t forget to mention any extras you may require such as lighting or flooring so we can add this to our quote as well.

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