We know better than anybody that searching for the perfect wedding tent is nobody’s idea of a fun afternoon. But it has to be done. It MUST be done. Your head is probably going to explode with questions you can’t seem to find answers for.

Should I just buy a tent? Should I rent one? Or maybe buy a second-hand tent instead? Should I just abandon all hope of having an outdoor wedding? Buying a brand new wedding tent for your wedding day might seem like the most impractical option at first glance, but there are a lot of hidden benefits to it.

You’ll see that before, couples would rather rent tents than buy one, but in the recent years, the number of couples who use their own brand new wedding tent are increasing. Why is that? Let’s explore the hidden pros to buying your own brand new tent.

Unlike rentals and used tents, where the quality of your tent depends on the source, with brand new wedding tents you’re sure that it is new and of the best quality, straight from the manufacturer. You don’t have to second guess if the tent is good enough because you made sure yourself that it is the perfect quality for your big day.

Since you’re the first owner of the wedding tent, you get the warranties attached to it. Consider it as an insurance against any defects you might encounter. Warranties guarantee that any imperfections that are not your fault are the manufacturer’s responsibility and you will be compensated for it. Usually companies replace defective tents or pay you the full price if you return it without replacement. This is something that you can’t guarantee with used tents or rented ones.

If you’re the type of bride who goes all out during their wedding, then consider your brand new tent your blank canvas. You can do anything you want with it, and you can decorate it to your heart’s content.

You don’t have to return the wedding tent after your big day, because it’s yours of course. You can use it for other events, like birthday parties and anniversaries. There’s a sentimental feel to it, if you think about it, if you have your 10th year wedding anniversary in the same tent you were wedded in.

You can actually make a decent profit from your wedding tent. Some people just sell it after the event, which is okay, but not income generating. Won’t it be better if you go and rent out your wedding tent to other people? You can rent it out in a package, complete with lights and decorations that you used on your own wedding day. During the wedding, some people may come to you asking, “how much is a wedding tent?”, if they don’t like the price, you can offer them tent rental services for their wedding.

Sky Tents can custom-design any tent you require. Our workmanship is exemplary and we aim to exceed expectations when it comes to tent manufacturing. All of our wedding tents come with a comprehensive 24-month guarantee. You can also add optional accessories to your wedding tent, such as wooden floors, gas stoves, and clear PVC windows. We offer the best finishes on all our wedding tents and our prices are extremely competitive and the quality of our products speaks for themselves. We are definitely a preferred supplier for Wedding Tents in Durban.

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