As one of South Africa’s top tent manufacturers, we can highly recommend any one of our tents for sale in Durban for your next outdoor event. Rather than spending thousands on the hiring of a venue, only to find it may not be available for your specific date, hiring or purchasing any one of our versatile tents makes for a cost-effective and guaranteed alternative. Co-ordinating your perfect event begins with securing the ideal location, and with our tents for sale throughout South Africa, we can bring your perfect location to you.

Planning and co-ordinating the perfect event is no easy feat. There are literally hundreds of variables to consider, from the location of your event, to your budget, to the number of attendees, right down to the finest of details such as the colour of your napkins! But, without a doubt, one of the most important considerations would have to location. As the saying goes, ‘location is everything’ – and with Sky Tent’s full range of tents for sale, the stress of finding the perfect location for your event is solved!

Why are we one of South Africa’s top tent manufacturers?

Simply put, we manufacture some of the best tents in South Africa. We are able to custom design any tent of your choice; ranging from peg and pole tents, frame tents, stretch tents to alpine, aluminium, military, canvas, pagoda, wedding tents, the list goes on! If you have a specific tent in mind, it’s more than likely we sell it or will hire it out to you! Our tent prices throughout South Africa are truly unbeatable – we offer a premier product, for an affordable price. We pride ourselves on the services we offer, with a 100% fair and reasonable price tag. If you are looking to buy tents in Durban, Sky Tents is your best bet to suit your pocket!

At Sky Tents, our range of tents are perfectly suited to:

  • Large church gatherings
  • Outdoor or country-themed weddings
  • Garden parties
  • Corporate events
  • Sporting events
  • Fashion shows
  • Music events
  • Birthday parties and special occasions
  • Emergency shelter (our military tents)
  • As venue add-on to create additional space

Additionally, the material used to manufacture a tent, is of the best quality on the market. All our types of tents are 100% waterproof, fire retardant, can withstand all weather conditions, protect from harsh sunlight and harmful UV rays, are incredibly robust and long-lasting. We use some of the highest quality tent material available and can promise you that your tent is worth the investment if you are in search of top quality waterproof tents for sale in Durban or throughout KwaZulu-Natal!

Add-ons for your perfect event

As one of KZN’s top tent manufacturers we are proud to offer a full-scale service, and are not merely tent suppliers! Our team will construct and dis-assemble your tent for you, no matter the size of your event. We also supply a host of add-on to ensure your event is one to remember. Some of these include:

  • Mobile freezers
  • Mobile toilets
  • Mobile kitchens
  • Wooden flooring
  • Staging set-up
  • Draping
  • Lighting
  • Chairs and tables

Sky Tents supplies a one-stop-shop in terms of venue hire and with us, you can be rest assured the biggest step in co-ordinating a memorable event is taken care of.

Top considerations when hosting an outdoor event

As tent suppliers and tent manufacturers with a number of successful years of business operation in our repertoire, we understand that location is an important factor when planning your event, but there are a number of other important things to keep in mind! Just some of these factors may include:

  • Cost

What is your budget and how much are you willing to spend on venue hire, food, beverages and décor?

  • Services and amenities of your location
    With Sky Tents our team construct and dismantle your tents for you. We also provide tables, chairs, portable freezers, portable toilets and even draping, wooden flooring and stage set-ups.
  • Lay-out of your location
    Our range of tents offer a free-flowing, large space to work with, allowing for a number of creative set-ups of tables, chairs, furniture and draping.
  • Parking and accessibility
    Will your location supply enough space for all your guests, will you need to hire extra security or are there accessible parking lots nearby which can be used?
  • Ambience
    Creating the perfect party atmosphere is no easy feat. Sky Tents can assist with draping, fairly lights and décor set-up.

Ultimately, creating a successful event that goes off without a hitch, hinges on a few key things: clear communication, a good budget and a location or venue that everyone will be able to access. What you really need to assess from the get-go is what you want to achieve from your event – are you aiming to raise money, do you want to create something lasting within the community or is it merely an event to bring people together for a day of fun?

All we know is that your ideal venue is sorted with Sky Tents and our tents for sale throughout South Africa!

If you keep these three fundamentals in mind when it comes to organising your next big event, you should be sorted:

Working with a team

Working with a group of reliable people you can trust will make the organisation of your event so much easier! Try not to make the team too big- dealing with too many different personalities can become overwhelming. Ensure that everyone on the team fully understands their role and responsibilities and divide the team into smaller groups with a group leader if needs be.

Spreading the message

If you want people to attend your event, purchase a ticket or even volunteer to help with the event, they need to know about it! Assess the difference areas within your community or business and how best to reach out to them. Think about platforms that most people have access to – Facebook, a WhatsApp group, your church community or a local news board or newsletter.

Keeping things simple

It’s highly important to think about the potential risks involved when hosting an outdoor event, especially in South Africa. Keep in mind you want to avoid attracting the attention of potential undesirables, petty thieves or even licencing boards or counsels that may be looking to fine you if your event becomes too big! Keep things simple by advertising your event to local residents on ‘closed groups’ on Facebook, for example. If contributions are needed, rather ask people to donate things rather than ticketing the event – this way you can avoid being penalized if you haven’t applied for a license. Keep your venue local and simple!

Plan your next event with Sky Tents

Looking for the ideal venue that is cost-effective, mobile and versatile for your next event? Sky Tents are world-class tent manufacturers and would be happy to assist! For some of the best tents for sale in South Africa, get in touch with us on: 031 700 2863 for all your queries.

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