The ‘’silly season’’ is upon us and it’s time for end-of-year functions and the planning to begin. At Sky Tents, we offer a vast range of tent sizes across South Africa at some of the most affordable rates. As one of South Africa’s top tent manufacturers, we can highly recommend any one of our function tents for hire, or for sale, perfectly suited to your end-of-year event.

Forget about spending thousands on the hiring of a venue, hiring or purchasing any one of our versatile tents makes for a cost-effective and guaranteed alternative.

Co-ordinating a memorable event begins with choosing the ideal location. Our range of tent sizes brings your ideal location to you.

But, planning and coordinating an amazing end-of-year function is not for the faint-hearted!

There are hundreds of variables to consider, from the location of your event, to your budget, right down to the colour of your flowers and decor!

Having the ideal location and venue can literally make or break your event. There is truer saying than: ‘location is everything’.

With Sky Tent’s full range of tent sizes throughout South Africa, the goal of securing the perfect venue for your function can be achieved!

What makes us one of South Africa’s best tent manufacturers?

To put it simply, we offer one of the best ranges of tent sizes in South Africa.

At Sky Tents we are able to custom design any tent of your choice; ranging from:

• Peg and pole tents
• Frame tents
• Stretch tents
• Alpine tents
• Aluminium tent
• Military tents
• Canvas tents
• Pagoda tents
• Wedding tents

If you have a specific tent in mind, it’s more than likely we sell it or can hire it to you!

Our tent prices are truly unbeatable – we offer a premium product, for an affordable price and pride ourselves on the services we offer.

If you are looking for a full range of tent sizes in South Africa, Sky Tents is your best bet to suit your budget!

Our range of tents sizes and capacity suit any number of occasions:

• Corporate events
• End-of-year functions
• Large church gatherings
• Outdoor weddings
• Garden parties
• Sporting events
• Fashion shows
• Music events
• Birthday parties and special occasions
• Emergency shelters (military tents)
• As a venue add-on to create additional space

The Sky Tents Product

At Sky Tents we have invested many years of experience and knowledge in the manufacturing of all of our products.

The material used to manufacture our range of various tent sizes is the best quality on the market.

Top characteristics of our range include:

• Our tents are UV and resistant – offering protection from harsh sunshine or rain.
• Our tents are flexible and highly versatile – they can be setup in a variety of ways to suit your layout and size of your party.
• They are easy to assemble and erect and come with a reliable team to assist from start to finish.
• Our tents can be attached to existing structures such as another building, tree or wall.
• Our tents fold up easily and are simple to transport.

With many years of expertise under our belt, we can assure you that your tent is worth the investment if you are in search of top quality tents for sale or hire in Durban or throughout KwaZulu-Natal!

Sky Tent add-ons for your end-of-year function:

We are proud to offer a full-scale service – we are not just tent suppliers!

Our team will construct and dis-assemble your tent for you, no matter the size of your event.

We also supply a host of add-on to ensure your event goes off without a hitch.

Some of these include:

Mobile freezers
• Mobile toilets
• Mobile kitchens
• Wooden flooring
• Staging set-up
• Draping
• Lighting
• Chairs and tables

Our business not only offers a full range of tent sizes and capacity, but we pride ourselves on being a one-stop-shop in terms of venue hire.

With Sky Tents you have peace-of-mind that the biggest step in coordinating a memorable event is taken care of!

Plan the ideal end-of-year function with Sky Tents

Aside from securing the perfect venue, there are a number considerations to think of when planning a smooth and memorable end-of-year function.

Here some important factors to remember when planning this year’s event:

1. Establish the basics:

Like any other event, you will need to create a project plan that identifies the event details for the employee holiday party.

These details may include: theme, venue, time, date, guest count, food and beverage selections, decor, and event agenda.

Every good party needs these core elements to be successful, but not everything has to be set in stone, remember to leave a little room for leeway or changes in plans.

2. Choose the best time to host your event

If your event is being hosted during working hours, the best time to host a holiday party is probably during lunch hour.

It’s important to remember that not everyone may have the opportunity to participate in the event because someone must stay back and answer calls and enquiries, depending on your business.

The positive of a lunch hour event is that your business can control costs and reduce obligations on employee personal time and commitments.

3. Choose the right team to help execute your event

Establishing the right team size and selecting the best team members are essential to making your event a success.

Ultimately, though, it’s not the size of the committee but the quality of those working on it that determines the expertise of your team.

A smaller group of individuals will likely make the planning process faster and more cost-effective.

But many organizations involve a large committee of individuals so all employee voices are represented in the planning of an event.

4. Establish a cost-effective menu

While food and drink is always a major factor to consider at any event, you don’t have to break the bank in order to create a memorable event!

When it comes to choosing what to feed your employees during your function, a number of tricks can save money while still providing an excellent meal.

Plated meals are often more cost-effective than buffets, reducing wastage. While limiting alcohol consumption can also save your budget!

5. Reinforce employee etiquette

Simple etiquette mistakes to avoid at an end-of-year function include avoiding excessive drinking, eating, talking, or complaining, arriving too early or leaving too late, wearing improper attire, and bringing uninvited guests.

All of these factors can not only impact others’ experiences at the event but also cost the company extra! Make sure to send out a reminder email to all employees the week before your event.

Plan your event with our range of tent sizes.

If you’re looking for the ideal venue that is cost-effective, mobile and versatile for your end-of-year event, Sky Tents are your go-to!

For one of the largest variety of tent sizes within South Africa, get in touch with us on: 031 700 2863 for all your queries or visit our website for more.

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