Whether you’re turning 90 years old or 21, celebrating your birthday should always be an important occasion. Nowadays, some may think of birthday parties as ‘childish’ or a total waste of money, with the sentimentality of birthdays waning as we reach our twenties and up. But this doesn’t have to be the case! There are plenty of unique and cost-effective ways to celebrating a birthday, from simply hiring a marquee tent and celebrating in your back garden to throwing a simple sleepover with friends – it’s all about being creative and feeling special for the day!

Seeing as today’s generation of twenty-something year-olds have many diverse ideas of fun when it comes to celebrating a birthday, here are 8 unique ways to make your day special:

  • Get out of town

You’re an adult now and fully capable of planning a weekend getaway to celebrate your birthday! It doesn’t have to be anywhere extravagant – ask your friends to pitch in and split the costs of a beach house for hire and enjoy a weekend out of town for your birthday.


  • Create a gaming tournament

This doesn’t have to mean online, Xbox or PlayStation gaming! Put an old-school spin on your game night with traditional games such as Pictionary, Snakes and Ladders, Twister or Monopoly, with an incentivised prize and plenty of snacks, of course!


  • Host a dress-up dinner party

Most people love a themed dress-up! Hire a marquee tent for your back garden, decorate within your budget and according to your theme and celebrate with a night of good food and dress up fun.


  • Take it outdoors

If you’re a keen adventurer and have friends to match, organise an overnight hike and spend the night in the wild underneath the stars.


  • Do a wine or beer tasting tour

Hire a party bus if it’s in your budget and sample a selection of wines or beers with your nearest and dearest – stopping somewhere special for a long, leisurely birthday lunch.


  • Host a pub crawl & scavenger hunt

Celebrate with friends at all of your favourite bars in town and make it extra interesting with costumes or matching uniforms, an interactive scavenger hunt and drinking games.


  • Throw a garden picnic

If you’re on a tighter budget and prefer a more relaxed way of celebrating, look no further than your home or parent’s home garden. Make it extra special with picnic blankets, fairy lighting and welcome drinks! To save even more, ask each friend to bring a plate of eats.


  • Host a movie night

Clear out your lounge and create a comfortable area for you and your closest friends to binge on movie classics, snacks, drinks.


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