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It’s time for that all-important wedding day, party or corporate event and you’re looking for a tent. You’ve decided on an outside venue option to make it a relaxed function and to accommodate a large amount of people on your guest list.

Alpine tent uses:

  • Weddings
  • Garden parties
  • Music concerts
  • Exhibitions
  • Beer festivals
  • Temporary/permanent church structures in addition to this, use this tent for warehousing, trade shows or industrial use.

    Three reasons why you should use alpine tents?

    The peaks at the top of the tent are designed for stability and have excellent aerodynamics. This makes alpine tents suitable for any weather conditions.

  • Tent peaks are designed to allow fresh air to filter through the tent, keeping the interior cool.
  • Pole design for this particular tent makes it easy to assemble.
  • Sky Tents has top graded alpine tents for sale. When you purchase your strong, elegant-looking portable venue, the following is also added to your purchase:
  • Galvanised poles and pegs along with ropes.
  • Guide ropes
  • PVC covers
  • As alpine tents manufacturers, our company uses only the best fabric to build your tent. Sky Tents can custom-design any tent you require. Our workmanship is exemplary and we aim to exceed expectations when it comes to tent manufacturing. All our products come with a comprehensive 24-month guarantee.
    You can also add optional accessories to your tent. These can include wooden floors, gas stove, and clear windows.

    Why use Sky Tents?


    We offer the best finishes on all our tents.

  • Our tents help enhance space.
  • We use strong fabric that helps keep the quality of your tent throughout its lifespan.
  • Our competitive prices make us a preferred supplier.
  • Once you are done hosting your event, simply fold the tent and pack it away. No matter what event you are planning next, let Sky Tents help you find the right tent to meet all your function requirements.
    alpine tents for sale
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